The Snacking Craze

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Everyone knows that no millennial is going to enter a store and buy a full meal. They’re always on the go. Karen Buch From Progressive Grocers says “with 94 percent of Americans snacking at least once a day and Millennials, as a generation, choosing to snack as often as four or more times a day.” (progressivegrocer) They will need something that’s going to be quick and easy to eat, while keeping it healthy. Here at FreshSpoke we have the primal products for these exact people. Our supplier’s products are made simple with simple ingredients. 

Here are our suggestions to surviving your snack cravings: 

Morning Snack Hack

 When you’re running late in the morning we suggest you stop for one of our Kinwa bars. This product is free of the top 11 allergens and also vegan, gluten and GMO-free. Not to mention they are even sweetened with organic coconut sap syrup. There are no sugar substitutes or sugar alcohols. All made in a certified nut-free facility. These are perfect for your on the go mornings. 

Afternoon Cravings 

We all get the afternoon hunger strike. Whether you’re on the go, sitting in traffic, or sitting in your room, we all need a snack. Here at freshSpoke we often reach for our Taro Chips, the perfect alternative to potato chips. These Gluten free, Organic, Vegan chips satisfy all our cravings. Made with 5 ingredients we know these will satisfy your cravings. 

Late Night Snacker

Ever heard of a midnight snack? Of course you have! Everyone gets those late night cravings and just can’t resist it. At FreshSpoke our favourite snack is the Luisella Chocolate Spread. It’s something to enjoy with toast, on top of pancakes, with fruit or anything your heart desires. (We sometimes have it by the spoonful but don’t tell anyone that). This quick snack is completely nut free, palm oil free and made with real chocolate. The perfect late night snack! 

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