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It nourishes and energizes us. It brings people together. It makes us feel good…or not so good (perhaps in the “I ate 6 Christmas dinners and I don’t think I can move from the couch” kind of way). It is the headliner at most celebrations, and one of the biggest, most important industries around the world – worth $6 trillion in North America alone. Some people have an abundance of it, some people struggle to find enough food to survive; and the kind that we eat can directly impact our health and wellness. Whether you are aware of it or not, food has an incredible impact on our daily lives. But more than being a staple to our well being, some food is simply a work of art.

Food is beautiful.

Over the next few weeks we will be presenting to you some of the most beautiful and unique foods that you can find on FreshSpoke. We are proud to have numerous artisanal food producers who provide delicious, nutritious, year-round LOCAL food. Local does not just mean food that comes out of the ground during the summer harvest. FreshSpoke is here to tell you that local food is year round, it is accessible and it is beautiful.

First up, Tiffinday. 

Whether you run a small boutique food store, health food store, restaurant, public institution or you are hosting a large party and simply want to serve a convenient and delicious meal- I am happy to let you know that Tiffinday’s ready-to-eat curries are just what you are looking for.


Carefully and lovingly produced, these flavourful curries bring a new meaning to “convenience” food. Plant based, vegan, gluten free, preservative free, cooked in small batches and pressure canned- these meals are nutritious, delicious and sure to impress! Who doesn’t love a meal that you can simply heat and eat?

Tiffinday was born with a passion for creating a more sustainable food system and reducing carbon foot print (no wonder Tiffinday and FreshSpoke make such a great team!). These curries are not just sauces, but complete meals, and they are made starting with one very special ingredient- pulses.

What is a pulse you ask? Simply put, they are dried and edible seeds from legumes. Why are they so great? Not only are they delicious, rich in fibre and protein (a fantastic vegetarian source of protein), but like legumes, they are also nitrogen-fixing crops. This means they convert energy from the sun into nitrogen to nourish their cells. When they have had enough, the remaining nitrogen is then passed into the soil, enriching it for other plants. As a result, farmers become less dependent on petroleum based fertilizers for their crops, creating a more sustainable farming practice. Isn’t nature smart?

Along with those powerful little pulses, Tiffinday’s curries are also packed full of fresh ingredients sourced from small-medium scale Ontario farmers with which close relationships have been built. You can be confident when you purchase Tiffinday products that they have been created with the utmost care and dedication to supporting the local food economy. Oh, and did we mention they are also beautiful and delicious?


FreshSpoke is dedicated to making 2017 the year of local food, and we are making that happen by partnering with local food producers like Tiffinday. So the next time you are stocking your shelves or ordering ingredients from 1000’s of kms away in the midst of a harsh Canadian winter and you find yourself frustrated with what appears to be a “lack” of local food, think of Tiffinday! Think of artisanal foods. Think of FreshSpoke.

Click here to shop Tiffinday products on FreshSpoke.


Lana Ogston is Certified in Holistic Nutrition and is a Customer Activation Specialist with FreshSpoke. You can connect with Lana on Linkedin, and keep up with FreshSpoke on Facebook and Twitter.

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