Slegers Living Organic Greens

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Jo and Pauline Slegers can tell you all you need to know about greens- they’ve been in the business for over 30 years! Their first greenhouse was built by Jo in 1987, when he was fresh out of agricultural college. Originally used to grow just a single item, Boston Lettuce, Slegers has branched out over the years and now offers over thirty different products! Their farm, where Jo and Pauline live with their three sons, is located a short drive from London in the beautiful area of rural Strathroy, and houses several greenhouses, plus an on site retail store. They are known in the area as big local food champions, and have hosted tours on their property, as well as spoken in educational events. They’re proud supporters of their community, and are committed to hiring staff from Strathroy and the surrounding area.

Committed to growing food that is healthy for both people and the environment, Slegers became organically certified in 2004. Their greens are packaged and sold living, still in the soil with roots intact. As far as freshness goes, that can’t be beat. But there are many more benefits in buying greens this way! Purchasing Slegers product means you’re not just getting a better tasting product, it’s also better for you. Not only do they last longer, the greens retain their high amounts of vitamins, minerals, and digestion promoting enzymes. And preparing them is easy- just snip, rinse, and you’re ready to enjoy. With their wide catalog, there’s sure to be something for everyone. Slegers grows many varieties of lettuce, greens, herbs, and micro greens- their sweet tasting wheat grass always leaves customers impressed. Jo and Pauline are always experimenting with new growing techniques, in order to provide the best product possible.

To learn more about Slegers Living Organic Greens, you can visit their website here.
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