Shout out for Sprouts


Fresh pea sprouts in little bucket, selective focus

What’s more local than your kitchen?

Growing your own sprouts is a great way to have super local and nutrient rich produce all year long.  Sprouts are germinated beans, nuts and seeds.  Sprouts are high in antioxidants and phytonutrients, they are disease fighting and are much easier to digest than their raw counterparts.

Growing your owns sprouts is easy. You just have to follow these basic steps:

Ingredients (jar method)

A jar, the size depends on how much sprouts you want to make.

A bowl/container that you can place your inverted jar into.

A cloth/screen to cover the top of the jar that will allow water to enter and drain out while keeping the sprouts in (cheese cloth works well).

Something to secure the cloth to jar. If using a mason jar the lid ring works perfectly, an elastic works also.

Seeds to sprout. Check out these fantastic local sources for sprouting supplies. Sprout Master and Four Season Greens.


  1. Put dry seeds in jar. As a general rule, a  pint sized jar requires 1/2 cup larger (kidney beans sized) beans/seeds or 2 tbsp small seeds.
  2. Soak. Soaking time depends on what you are sprouting. There are a lot of great resources outlining soaking and sprouting time. Check this one out or find your own.
  3. Secure and drain. When soaking is complete, put the cloth on top of the jar and secure. Drain the soaking water through the cloth.
  4. Invert jar. Leave cloth on and place jar in a bowl or container on an angle so that any excess water can drain out.
  5. Rinse. Rinse sprouts 2-3 times daily until they are ready.
  6. Eat. Sprouts are a fantastic addition to salads, sandwiches and stir-fry recipes.
  7. Enjoy!

*Also try growing your own shoots and microgreens in soil. Common shoots include: peas, sunflowers, wheat grass and corn.

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