Ontario Popping Corn Co.

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Nestled in the country by the shores of Lake Erie, you’ll find Blair and Livia Townsend, who, along with their son Tanner, run Ontario Popping Corn Co. They’re proud to say they’ve been growing the best popcorn since 1985. All of their popcorn hybrids have been carefully and selectively chosen, harvested, cleaned, and packaged, right there on the farm. Like Tanner says, “From the second we put the kernel in the ground to the time it leaves, we have our hands on it… Putting our name on a bag means a lot more to us than a lot of other companies, because we did everything.”



Labelled as “Uncle Bob’s Popcorn”, what the Townsend’s grow truly is one of a kind. All of their product is certified organic, non GMO, and has its own unique texture and rich taste. Their popcorn doesn’t just taste good- it’s also good for you! Both their Purple Passion and Shamu Blue varieties have been tested and proven to contain anti-oxidants. Their popcorn has traveled to various places throughout the world, from all over Canada and the USA to the U.K. and Hong Kong.


Why “Uncle Bob’s” though? Originally a hobby business owned by his father, a tobacco farmer, Blair took over and turned the popcorn production from a hobby to a full time job. The idea all came from Blair’s dad, who was known as Uncle Bob to everyone. To Blair, it’s simple- “He started it, so we wanted to keep it in his name.”


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