Jakeman’s Maple Products

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The Jakeman family first settled in Ontario in 1876. They were taught the craft of maple syrup in true Canadian fashion by the local Natives. The technique has been passed down through the family from generation to generation and what began as boiling the maple sap in a small iron kettle has slowly advanced to the modern, high efficiency operation that is continued today.


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In 1976 the family purchased the Sweaburg General Store in Oxford County which was built in 1855 and transformed it into their maple gift shop, museum and pancake house . Today, Bob and Mary Jakeman and family maintain production of their delicious maple syrup from over 1000 taps.




All the sap is collected by plastic pipeline and transported to the sugar shanty which was built next to the country store. Here it is boiled in a natural gas-fired steam evaporator and then finished on a steam finishing pan. The maple syrup is graded and then bottled for transport all across Canada and use throughout the year.




We are thrilled to welcome Jakeman’s Maple Products to the FreshSpoke platform. You can shop their products here.

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