Introducing FreshSpoke’s new Customer Care Centre


Introducing FreshSpoke’s new Customer Care Centre.


With this feature you can keep track of all your customers in one place. Easily see what they bought, when they bought it and keep them engaged and interested in what you have to offer.


FreshSpoke will automatically add the buyers who have already made purchases in your shop to your Customer Care Centre. It’s up to you to add the rest and our interface is designed to make it easy to add new contact either one at a time or as a csv upload. Any non-FreshSpoke registered buyers will automatically be sent an invitation to sign up.


With all your buyers on the platform you can truly take advantage of FreshSpoke’s built in payment processing and integrated delivery. Never create an invoice or track down payment again; focus on creating amazing local food, watch the orders come in and let FreshSpoke worry about payment, invoicing and delivery.


The feature also allows you to send direct messages to anyone on your contact list. Let them know about upcoming sales, new products or whatever else your business is up to. Improve transparency and instill confidence in your buyers by building direct relationships with them using FreshSpoke’s new Customer Care Centre.


Check out the tutorial video here to learn more.


FreshSpoke is constantly working on features that make our platform better for all our users. If you have any suggestion or questions, please let us know.


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