Innisfil Creek Honey

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Located in beautiful Innisfil, just minutes from Lake Simcoe, you’ll find Innisfil Creek Honey. It’s here that owner Brian Scott tends his bees, sells his product, and teaches others how to do the same. “What’s best about beekeeping is being in nature,” Brian says, “I love to feed my neighbors and am proud of the work I do.” It all started when Brian’s wife mentioned that it might be nice to have a beehive in the backyard- now he has over 600 hives distributed throughout his property and the surrounding area!




Brian doesn’t just produce honey, he also runs workshops for all levels of beekeeping, from interested city dwellers to those who want to get more serious on their own rural land. “I enjoy teaching other people to work with bees. Working with my hands and bringing a natural wholesome food to people.” It’s an idea that’s proved popular and appealing, as people have traveled from across Ontario to attend Brian’s workshops.




Of course, as a beekeeper with over 600 hives, Brian has a lot of honey on his hands. His bees thrive in their diverse ecosystem- Innisfil is an area of mixed woods and farmer’s fields, and the bees travel through them, pollinating crops as they harvest nectar and pollen to create their honey. Their flavoured honey sticks are one product resulting from the hard working bees, though the variety of flavours (everything from coffee to habanero) is of course added later.




We are thrilled to have Innisfil Creek Honey on FreshSpoke! You can visit their shop here.
If you’re interested in Brian’s beekeeping products and classes, check out hisĀ website.

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