Geissberger Farmhouse Cider

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If you’re not already a lover of apple cider, first of all, you’re crazy! Who doesn’t love apple cider? Second of all, with a story of passion, innovation and family ties- the Geissberger’s are sure to make a cider lover out of you

It was 1925 when dairy farmer Hans Geissberger Sr. and his wife Emma immigrated to Canada from Switzerland. Hans started the Geissberger cider mill in 1970 with a standard home-made 17 bushel capacity stationary mill.   Being a hobby for many years, it was Gord and Garry’s father who started developing the business.  Working alongside their father, Gord and Garry have taken that foundation built by their father and grandfather and developed it further.

Today, still located just east of Oshawa on Langmaid Road, the brothers produce their cider primarily from apples in Durham region and not from concentrate. It contains zero additives, no water, no sugar and no preservatives. Just 100% apples! In 2012 they did a major equipment upgrade from the stationary mill to Ontario’s first Mobile Apple Cider Mill with their second mill arriving in 2016.

The design of this high tech mill was originally brought over from Germany to BC’s growing regions of the Okanagan. In 2013, just one year after adapting their business with the mobile mill and the innovative bag-in-a-box technology, the Geissberger’s were recognized with a Premier’s Leadership in Innovation Award at the Agri-Food Summit in Toronto. The same year, the designer of Mobile Apple Cider Mill, Frank Deiter, was featured on an episode of Dragon’s Den using the Geissberger’s mill and cider for the show.

Thanks to the bag-in-a-box design, Geissberger’s apple cider has a 1 year shelf life un-opened and can be enjoyed for 3 months after opening without refrigeration (but good luck keeping it around that long once you have your first taste)! Their “Sweet Apple Cider” and “Apple Cider Plus” flavours are enjoyed by all, and if you are looking for something for a special occasion, try out their non-alcoholic sparkling ciders!

Geissberger Farmhouse Cider is a great addition to any menu or retail shelf, and you can now find their products on FreshSpoke!

Lana Ogston is Certified in Holistic Nutrition and is a Customer Activation Specialist with FreshSpoke. You can connect with Lana on Linkedin, and keep up with FreshSpoke on Facebook and Twitter.

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