FreshSpoke is Planting Some Seeds


Female Baker Delivering Bread Standing In Front Of Van

Ever wonder what it takes to be a start up company in the food industry? Go ahead and ask any FreshSpoke producer and I’m sure they would all tell you that food is a tough business. It always starts with an idea and takes years of dedication to perfect your product, create a brand, meet safety standards and acquire proper labelling, not to mention marketing and distribution! Food entrepreneurs dedicate their lives to their craft, and though difficult at times, it’s their passion for food that keeps them going- that and the tremendous supporters who stand behind them.


QuoteHere at FreshSpoke, we understand the challenges that come with starting your own business – after all this is the 3rd tech start up for
both of our Co-founders Marcia Woods & Henry Quach. We know that it takes a lot of people believing in you (along with a little money) to get a business off the ground. That’s why we are extremely pleased to introduce our Seedling Plan!


This plan is carved out for start up food businesses that are eager to get their products selling in the wholesale marketplace. Seedling gives you all of FreshSpoke’s best features and offerings without the start up fees and allows you to pay-as-you-grow. Enjoy 12 hours of personal support from our customer activation team and receive product photography or video about your business as well as a feature article on our blog. Last, but certainly not least you will have the opportunity to showcase your products for free at FreshSpoke Fusion events! There is no easier way to plug into the wholesale pipeline.


Do you qualify? 

-Do you have a product(s) that is ready for the wholesale market?

-Does your product or products meet all food safety regulations, packaging and labeling standards for retail or wholesale purchasing?

-Do you have proof of business registration within last year? OR Have you been recommended for the Seedling plan by a recognized food incubator or accelerator?

If you answered yes to all of these questions then your business is a perfect fit for FreshSpoke’s Seedling Plan! Contact our sales team to get started!



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