FreshSpoke on CBC’s Spark


I have been a long time listener of CBC Radio and never missed Spark with host Nora Young. In fact, having a tech startup that is “Spark worthy” has long been on my bucket list (somewhere between ‘get one million app downloads’ and ‘be a back up singer for Alabama Shakes’). So when I got the call from the producer of Spark inviting me to come down to CBC’s Toronto studios to talk about FreshSpoke and how we are disrupting food in Canada, I was over the moon excited.

Food-Tech Boom on Spark on CBC Radio May 31 2015

From the show’s first airing on Sunday, May 31st on CBC and National Public Radio (NPR) through the U.S, our email and social media feeds exploded! We were humbled by the stories shared along with the words of encouragement to soldier on and launch the platform that will connect the local food ecosystem and make it easy to find and verify local food. Even the  very frank gentleman that said I made his ears bleed, while not so taken with my presentation, seemed pretty cool with FreshSpoke.

FreshSpoke was in good company during the broadcast. New York based chef and entrepreneur Mike Lee along with Samson Tam and sharing economy advisor April Rinne all weighed in on the food-tech boom.

I would recommend listening to the entire broadcast here. But if you’re short on time, here’s our segment.

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