5 Reasons to Become a FreshSpoke Driver


Earn cash by filling up the excess capacity in your truck

When you become one of our drivers, you can use FreshSpoke to fill up as much of the unused space in your vehicle as you want, and earn money for doing so! The best part is, you can choose when and where you want your deliveries to go, so you can schedule FreshSpoke deliveries to work conveniently with your already scheduled routes.

Show your customers you’re reducing your carbon footprint

By integrating FreshSpoke orders into your already scheduled routes, you help reduce the total amount to driving needed to transport food, helping the environment! This is a great way to demonstrate to your customers that you’re playing your part in helping reduce climate change.

Be part of the growing trend of digital B2B commerce

As of now, the B2B eCommerce industry is worth an estimated $1.1 trillion USD1. In just four years, that number is expected to nearly double. FreshSpoke is pioneering a way for businesses to order local food online, and by becoming a FreshSpoke driver today, you can say in five years that you were part of the initial movement that was ordering local food online!

Grow the prosperity of your own as well as other businesses in your own backyard 

Becoming a FreshSpoke driver is a great way to help out your community, and yourself in turn. By helping businesses purchase fresh food from local farmers, you help boost your local economy! Doesn’t it feel great to say you’re making money while helping your community at the same time?

FreshSpoke’s mobile app makes it super easy

Every aspect of the delivery process from dispatch and routing, to arrival notifications and order acceptance is handled by your smartphone. No need to worry about receivables either, as everything is automatically deposited into your account on the 1st and 15th of every month.

BONUS! Get a $50 gas card on us if you sign up

Upon accepting your first FreshSpoke order, you’ll earn a $50 gas card on us, but the rewards don’t stop there. Being an active FreshSpoke driver will give you some great perks down the line.

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